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Mistborn Boxed Set I: Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages (The Mistborn Saga)

ISBN-10: 125026717X
ISBN-13 : 978-1250267177
Publisher : Tor Fantasy (March 31, 2020)
Language : English
Paperback: None
Reading Age : None
Dimensions : 4.86 x 3.65 x 7.28 inches
Item Weight : 2.3 pounds

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From #1 bestselling author Brandon Sanderson comes the beautifully designed Mistborn Boxed Set I , collecting his thrilling trilogy. Mistborn : For a thousand years, the ash has fallen and no flowers have bloomed. For a thousand years, the Skaa have slaved in misery and lived in fear. For a thousand years, the Lord Ruler has reigned with absolute power and ultimate terror. Until Kelsier, a brilliant half-Skaa thief and natural leader, finds in himself the powers of a Mistborn, and turns his talents to the ultimate caper, with the Lord Ruler himself as the mark. The Well of Ascension : The impossible task has been accomplished. The Lord Ruler has been vanquished. But with Kelsier dead, too, the awesome task of building a new world has been left to former street urchin and Kelsier’s protégé Vin, who is now the most powerful Mistborn in the land. Vin is now worshipped as a hero in her own right, but she is haunted by a strange vaporous entity hidden in the mists. The Hero of Ages : Having escaped death only by becoming a Mistborn himself, Emperor Elend Venture now hopes to find clues left behind by the Lord Ruler that will allow him to save the world. But with the return of lethal mists, increasingly heavy ashfalls, and ever more powerful earthquakes, Elend and Vin aren’t sure that killing the Lord Ruler to end the Final Empire was the right thing to do after all.

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